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10 years of quality - GEH Wasserchemie celebrates its anniversary

GEH ausschnitt

10 years of GEH Wasserchemie - 10 years of quality and competence in the field of water treatment. 10 years of continuous development and research work as well as customer service.

When our company was founded and built in Osnabrück in 1997, we were the only company in the world to produce an iron-based adsorber material for arsenic removal.

The beginnings were marked by great efforts to build and develop a technical production plant that meets all the requirements for producing a high quality product for use in water treatment. At the same time, the first years included the introduction and placement of this novel product on the market.

Due to the effective and simple technique of our newly developed adsorber material compared to the alternative treatment methods used to date, our efforts were crowned with success. Today, GEH Wasserchemie (GmbH & Co.KG) is one of the leading manufacturers of iron-based adsorbents.

We proudly refer to some 2,000 GEH plants worldwide, which process an estimated 450,000 m3 of drinking water for daily use. In the severely affected areas of India alone, ½ million people are supplied with arsenic-free drinking water through the use of GEH®.

Through a product range that is continuously expanded to the needs of our customers and constant research and development, our products are now used in many areas of water treatment.

In this context, we would like to thank all our partners, suppliers and customers, who have contributed to the success of our company through your active support and your contribution.

In the future we will continue to work on developing new and improving the quality of already established products.