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FITMA 2010 – Argentina’s Leading Environmental Fair

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Mr. Walter Ewy, managing director of pro H20, GEH’s distributor in Argentina, was very pleased by his company’s showing at the FITMA exhibition (Feria Internacional de Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente y del Agua = International Fair for Environmental and Water Technologies), held from 21 April to 23 April 2010 in Buenos Aires. The FITMA show is the largest of its type in Argentina and one of the leading exhibitions in all of South America. A total of 4473 industry experts passed through its gates as visitors to the show.

Like many other countries, Argentina is faced with the potentially deadly hazards of arsenic in drinking water. Experts believe that roughly 14 million Argentinians consume arsenic-polluted water on a regular basis. In the province of Cordoba for instance, arsenic concentrations in excess of 5 mg/l have been found in groundwater. Although this water is primarily used for agricultural irrigation, it contaminates food products with arsenic as documented by lab analyses

Accordingly the arsenic problem has become a subject of increasingly hot debate throughout Argentina. This was reflected as well by the large number of visitors to the booth at the fair. The GEH technology offered as a solution to the problem attracted widespread interest at the fair due to its unique simplicity and reliability.

In recent years pro H2O has installed some 300 arsenic removal systems throughout Argentina. Customers appreciate in particular the spot-on advice provided at their sites by Mr. Ewy and his team of experts.

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