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GEH® Performance Check in cooperation with Aqua Dällikon in Switzerland

Zusammenarbeit mit Aqua Dällikon

For more than ten years, Aqua Dällikon AG has been a partner of GEH Wasserchemie and has been offering the project planning and construction of GEH® systems for water treatment in Switzerland.

One important application in Switzerland is the treatment of precipitation water from roof and street drains. Swiss regulations for introducing water into the national network are very stringent, with low threshold values, including for copper and zinc for example. This means that on many buildings it is necessary to treat the water that is collected, depending on the size of the roof area covered with metal sheeting. For many years, GEH® 105 has been used here for the removal of copper and zinc.

Another focus was the removal of arsenic from groundwater for the production of drinking water. The drinking water threshold value of 10 µg/l, recommended by the WHO, has already been binding in Switzerland’s neighbouring countries in the EU for several years. Because there is only a very slight regional occurrence of arsenic in Switzerland, it has previously been possible to avoid building new arsenic removal plants through a combination of temporary arrangements, mixing with arsenic-free sources, and the drawing of water from neighbouring municipalities. In 2018, due to new regulations, the treatment of groundwater containing arsenic became necessary in many municipalities. Our partner Aqua Dällikon has conceived and constructed treatment plants with GEH® 102 for these municipalities. Treatment plants are planned for some other sites.

In the course of our visit we were able to inspect two of the new drinking water plants for arsenic removal. During these inspections, we carried out the GEH® Performance Check together, to test the effectiveness of the treatment and ensure reliable operation.

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