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Purity versus thirst: The treatment of ground water for drinking water is our core expertise.

And it is exactly to do this that we developed GEH® 20 years ago. In doing so, we fulfil the most stringent requirements in relation to the removal of arsenic. We are the market leader and offer the better quality product. Our customers also benefit from our superior operational performance as they receive the best quality water with which to produce drinks or use in food processing.

All GEH® products are certified in accordance with DIN EN 15029 and the NSF/ANSI Standard 61. This confirms the suitability for drinking water treatment within the EU and the USA, as well as globally.



Safe with GEH®: Removal of vanadium and arsenic from drinking water
If water has been contaminated by toxic substances, reliable drinking water treatment is essential. Inorganic arsenic is found in groundwater worldwide, which is present as anionic arsenate or uncharged arsenite depending on the redox potential. Regular studies have shown very high concentrations regionally which can lead to chronic poisoning – which is harmful to health. To ward off this danger and eliminate arsenic in drinking water, we developed GEH® in the 1990s. We are now the world market leader in the field of arsenic removal from drinking water and offer our customers a product that has proven itself many times – certified according to DIN EN 15029 and NSF/ANSI Standard 61.


Good to know:

Are you dependent on the best water quality when producing beverages or processing food? GEH® for drinking water treatment can also be used for your industrial application and is approved worldwide.

Sustainable arsenic water treatment of drinking water with granular ferric hydroxide

Certainly, there are various procedures and methods that can be used to remove contaminations, e.g. arsenic. With GEH® products, we consciously take the most sustainable path possible: with granular ferric hydroxide. A solution that is efficient, environmentally friendly and of high quality. Regardless of whether you sell it as an engineering company or chemical trader or use it yourself as a water supplier or industrial company – with our method, arsenic can be safely eliminated from drinking water.


Granular ferric hydroxide for arsenic removal in drinking water
With GEH® you not only ensure that the limit values for arsenic and vanadium in drinking water are met. Granular ferric hydroxide is capable of selectively removing toxic substances from water, thereby preserving valuable trace elements and minerals.
Filter arsenic out of water? Our patented solution for treating water and eliminating arsenic is in use worldwide. But besides arsenic, what else is treated or strictly speaking removed? For example vanadium, uranium, copper and zinc.

Arsenic removal filter – GEH® for the removal of arsenic and more

Hydrogen Sulfide

That's why GEH® as an arsenic filter: five times higher adsorption capacity – without waste water

As an innovation leader, we offer you GEH®, a patented media with an adsorption capacity up to five times higher than that of competing products. In addition, GEH® as an arsenic removal system allows long lifetimes and application in line with demand. Completely free of arsenic-contaminated sludge or waste water, without chemical storage or dosing, easy and maintenance-free to implement in your plant technology. By the way: Every GEH® product can be used without any problems as an arsenic removal filter in adsorption filters, such as standard filter containers or classic cartridge systems.


Arsenic in tap water? We advise and offer solutions

We do not simply send you a package, we go further in giving you advise on how to handle our products and how to use them. Looking for water filters that remove arsenic? You get to know how to remove arsenic from water or how to avoid it forever. We have built up an international distribution network to provide you with what you need at any time. In addition, we can also provide you with personal support – just get in touch with us!


Chemical composition β-FeOOH and Fe(OH)3
Dry solid content 58 % (± 10 %)
Iron content, relative to dry solids 600 g/kg (± 10 %)
Particle size range 0.2 - 2.0 mm
Undersize fraction < 10 %
Total oversize and undersize fraction < 20 %
Bulk density, backwashed 1150 kg/m3 (± 10 %)
Specific surface area (BET-method) approx. 300 m2/g

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