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GEH Wasserchemie moves into new production facility

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New worksheet DVGW W 249 published

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Lake PHOENIX: GEH® Technology for Algae-Free Water

After completing a four-month running-in phase, the phosphate elimination unit (PEU) for Lake PHOENIX in Dortmund / Germany has now officially gone into operation.

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FITMA 2010 – Argentina’s Leading Environmental Fair

Our distribution partner in Argentina takes part in the FITMA 2010 in Buenos Aires.

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Arsenic in Drinking Water – Vietnam Affected As Well

The groundwater in the Red River and Mekong Delta regions in Vietnam is contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic. Geological conditions here are comparable to those in the Ganges Delta region in India and Bangladesh. Experts estimate that some 10 million Vietnamese may be routinely consuming arsenic-contaminated water.

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Largest GEH® - Dearsenification Plant in Germany goes into Operation

Earlier this month, the largest adsorber plant for the removal of arsenic from drinking water in Germany went into operation.

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Fish do not like copper

In some cases, copper and zinc have to be removed from rain water from roof drainage. A research project at the ETH Zurich developed a new system, which is using GEH to bind the heavy metals.

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Die deutsche Bundesministerin Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul

Inauguration of an GEH®-Plant in West-Bengal Indien by German Minister

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Waste-water recycling at Olympic Park 2008, Beijing

In the context of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, the 1,200 hectar Olympic Park was created, accomodating the Olympic Lake. Due to the water shortage of the near area, the lake was filled using waste water. A joint Chinese-German research project, funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education, developed an energy-efficient treatment process to meet the quality criteria for the lake water. GEH 104 was used to remove phosphate from the waste water to prevent unwanted algae growth.

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10 years of quality - GEH Wasserchemie celebrates its anniversary

Ten years ago, the success story of GEH Wasserchemie in Osnabrück began with the construction of the production plant for granulated iron hydroxide.
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